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Extreme Breast Enlargement

Extreme breast enlargement involves a cosmetic surgical procedure where large implants are inserted into the breast area. Extreme breast enlargement is sought by women who want to significantly and/or drastically increase their bust size. There are many potential risks that are associated with extreme breast enlargement that women should be aware of prior to deciding if this is the best option for them. Contact us to consult with a qualified surgeon in your area who can determine if you are a good candidate for extreme breast enlargement.

Extreme breast enlargement cosmetic surgery carries a greater risk of surgical complications than other breast enhancement techniques. Extreme breast enlargement surgery can take longer than similar procedures which puts a patient at increased risk of complications related to anesthesia. As with all surgical procedures, anesthesia risks can include blood clots, heart irregularities, airway blockages, heart attack, stroke, brain or nerve damage, hyperthermia, and death. Extreme breast enlargement can also require longer recovery time and more money in subsequent medical procedures.

Determining the Appropriate Size

The appropriate size of breast implants is determined by a number of factors including: a patient's expectations, her anatomy and physical health, her weight, and other considerations. A good plastic surgeon will discourage a patient from extreme breast enlargement if s/he believes that the possible risks outweigh the intended benefits of the procedure. Many women do not have enough breast tissue to cover and/or support extreme breast enlargement, which can lead to a variety of health problems.

If a patient does not have the chest structure to support extreme breast enlargement, she could suffer a host of different medical complications. If there is not enough glandular or muscular tissue to cover extreme breast enlargement implants, the edges of the implant can be palpable and visible after the operation. Patients may also experience unacceptable wrinkling, puckering, and dimpling due to extreme breast enlargement.

With extreme breast enlargement the effects of gravity are also exacerbated and the implants can shift or sag much sooner that smaller implants would. This means that a patient who has undergone extreme breast enlargement surgery will have to seek subsequent surgical procedures in order to have the implants removed or replaced. Extreme breast enhancement surgery also causes the natural breast tissues to greatly expand, meaning that when implants are removed (which will eventually be necessary) the breasts will be droopier and saggier than before the extreme breast enlargement surgery. Women who undergo extreme breast enlargement surgery also have a greater risk of suffering from back pain, shoulder problems, and other problems associated with large breasts.

Contact A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Near You

If you are interested in extreme breast enlargement is it important to speak to a qualified plastic surgeon about the risks involved in these types of procedures. Most good surgeons will not push a patient to get implants that are too large or those which push the body's limits and compromise a patient's well being. To learn more about extreme breast enlargement, please contact us to confer with a qualified plastic surgeon in your area.