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Male Rhinoplasty

Cosmetic surgery has become more mainstreamed as a growing acceptance of the procedures including a wider array of races, ethnicities, ages and genders are represented. The number of surgical cosmetic procedures increased by 17 percent from 2003 to 2004, and the number of non-surgical treatments increased by a high 51 percent.

From 2003 to 2004, cosmetic surgery on men increased eight percent. The way that people view cosmetic surgery has continued to change over the years, and advances in cosmetic surgery have responded to the increasing demand for it. In the past, cosmetic surgery procedures, such as rhinoplasty, were performed without considering the rest of the facial features as much. Instead of preserving the patient's individual look, rhinoplasty had an almost one mold effect that was predominantly Caucasian.

Now reputable and qualified cosmetic surgeons are able to achieve harmony with the entire face, while still maintaining individual and cultural uniqueness. The choice of male rhinoplasty can be motivated by many different factors. Male patients have been able to see what cosmetic procedures have done for other people, providing a strong incentive for them as well. Among male patients, a lot of surgeons say that the motivation to stay competitive in the workforce, as well as to feel confident reentering the dating world has been a focus of undergoing procedures like male rhinoplasty.

Male rhinoplasty can allow a patient to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing nose, usually by making it appear less prominent by shortening it, narrowing it, lowering it, as well as altering an oversized, turned up, or turned down tip. In some cases of male rhinoplasty, the nose appears asymmetrical or crooked and can have a noticeable bump or disfigurement, which the surgeon can help, if desired.

Depending on the patient's other features, a male rhinoplasty can accompany other procedures, such as work on the chin. A "weak"? chin has the ability to affect the appearance of the patient's stature, and men wanting to convey an authoritative and confident persona for the workplace will sometimes choose to make their profiles more defined.

The focus on health and fitness has allowed more Americans to feel more energetic and alive, but as people age, their physical appearance may not reflect their inner youth. Cosmetic surgery can allow aging Americans to reflect on the outside how they feel on the inside. The availability of cosmetic surgery has been a tool for some male patients to seek an edge over the competition.

Though a male rhinoplasty does not affect a person's work ethic and career achievements, even the smallest aesthetic improvement can significantly boost a person's confidence and demeanor, allowing them to become even more focused on obtaining their personal goals.

For more information on male rhinoplasty, please contact us to consult with a reputable cosmetic surgeon.