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Laser Collagen

Combating the natural aging process and the elements that contributes to speeding up the signs of aging has been a long sought after remedy. Anti-aging products can be found lining store shelves, promising to reverse the effects of aging and spas and cosmetic surgery centers have been offering a wide range of treatments and procedures. The laser collagen procedure utilizes the laser's ability to penetrate through the skin's outer layer to stimulate new collagen growth. Collagen is the natural protein found throughout the body that provides shape, resilience and texture.

Aging can weaken the collagen fibers that give skin its strength, causing depressions and wrinkles. The laser collagen is a non-invasive option to improve the skin's surface in wrinkle reduction. The light from the laser will painlessly target tissue under the skin's surface to stimulate the collagen growth, which will fill any depressions under the wrinkles.

Depending on the degree of collagen loss, laser collagen treatments can range from ten to 30 minutes and can require multiple sessions for an optimal aesthetic look. Opposed to more invasive cosmetic surgery procedures, laser collagen can provide noticeable improvement to the skin's surface in a gentle non-disruptive manner. Most laser collagen candidates will be able to return to regular activities within an hour following the treatment.

The use of lasers in topical resurfacing and to remove the visible signs of aging and other surface imperfections has become a more innovative area of cosmetic surgery. Laser collagen may not be the right choice for everyone, but the convenience and pain free process allows for a way to achieve a more youthful appearance without interrupting schedules and without the risks that more invasive surgical procedures are associated to.