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Facial Hair Removal

There are many options available to people who seek facial hair removal. There are treatments like shaving, waxing, tweezing, depilatory creams, and electrolysis which provide temporary facial hair removal but have a number of drawbacks. Due to advances in cosmetic surgery technology, laser facial hair removal now provides a safe and effective way to eliminate facial hair. Laser facial hair removal is a virtually permanent and painless procedure that successfully removes a patient's unwanted facial hair.

Laser facial hair removal is one of the top five non-surgical cosmetic treatments sought by people in the United States. Approximately 25 percent of all facial hair removal patients are male. Cosmetic laser facial hair removal is becoming increasingly popular each year, as more and more patients are reaping the benefits of laser facial hair removal.

Laser facial hair removal can be performed on the entire face, or specific areas such as the chin, cheeks, and upper lip area. This procedure is done on an outpatient basis and a general anesthetic is not required. The length of time required to complete one facial hair removal treatment depends on the area covered but can range from five minutes to fifteen minutes for a full facial hair removal treatment. To achieve the desired results, facial hair removal treatment is usually repeated once a month for four to six months.

The best candidates for laser facial hair removal are people in good physical and emotional health who have realistic expectations about what facial hair removal can achieve for them. The best candidates for facial hair removal are those with light skin and dark coarse hair. Laser facial hair removal provides a long term solution to unwanted facial hair. The treatment is not always permanent and some hair re-growth over time is possible. Laser facial hair removal is by far the best long term solution to undesirable facial hair.

The facial hair removal procedure itself is performed by an experienced and qualified cosmetic surgeon in a hospital or medical office. A surgeon will typically prep the treatment area first and then apply an anesthetic cream before beginning the laser facial hair removal treatment. The surgeon will then use an instrument that sends pulses of light into the pigment of the hair shaft to terminate hair growth. This is typically not a painful process though patients may feel a mild hot sensation.

Recovery from facial hair removal treatment is not an extensive process. Some patients may experience redness, sensitivity, and minor crusting of the skin during the first week after facial hair removal. After facial hair removal, patients should avoid the sun without proper protection. Side effects from laser facial hair removal are very rare but can include skin discoloration, burning, and blistering. Overall, laser facial hair removal is a safe and effective way to eradicate unwanted facial hair for good.

To learn more about laser facial hair removal, please contact us to speak with a qualified cosmetic surgeon in your area.