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Stress Relief

Chronic stress can result in high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, depressed immune systems and other serious health conditions, in addition to showing up on the outside. We do have control over how we age by treating our bodies right and finding effective stress relief methods. 

One of the biggest causes of stress for women is worry, which can be eliminated by realizing which is productive and which can be eliminated. To a certain extent worry is necessary to get things done, but being able to identify unproductive worry can help eventually weed through unnecessary concerns and provide some stress relief.    

Stress can cause tension in your face, causing your facial muscles to contract so the skin becomes too drawn, creating a tight look. Also causing blood vessels to constrict, stress can cause your complexion to look dull and paler, losing that luster and vibrancy.  Finding stress relief is not always easy, but making even small adjustments in your life can have significant effects on your health and well-being, as well as your skin and hair.

Exercise is a great stress relief method, improving your health and your mood.  Research has supported the idea of exercise being used for stress relief. In addition to reducing stress levels, evidence has shown exercise has other mental health benefits like increased confidence. 

Just 20 minutes a day can have significant stress relief benefits. If going to the gym is not your thing, try finding something fun to do or a new hobby that will keep you motivated and interested in regularly exercising. Getting a friend to join you on walks or hikes or going to gym classes can keep you better on track. 

Stressed people often claim they are too busy to exercise, but even short bursts of exercise whenever you can fit it in has been shown to have significant effects. In addition to a great stress relief, studies continue to show that exercise increases longevity while decreasing morbidity from numerous diseases.