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Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair removal treatment can permanently reduce hair growth in any area on the body, using a simple procedure. Laser hair removal treatment is rapidly gaining popularity as the technology involved improves and the cost of laser hair removal treatment declines.

Laser hair removal treatment uses pulsing laser light to target the pigment in hair follicles, so that laser hair removal treatment can effectively prevent regrowth of hair without damaging the pores or surrounding skin. Most laser hair removal treatments require three or more sessions in order to achieve full results because the laser hair removal treatment is only effective when the hair follicle is in the growth phase, and during a laser hair removal treatment session some follicles are in the resting phase. Repeated use of the laser hair removal treatment increases the chances of catching all hair follicles in the growth phase.

Side effects of laser hair removal treatment are more common among dark-skinned patients, since their skin pigment absorbs the laser used in laser hair removal treatment. The most common side effect is swelling and reddening, similar to sunburn"�?most laser hair removal treatment patients report that these symptoms subside within a few hours. Another complication from laser hair removal treatment involves pigmentation change in the skin of the patient. Changes in pigmentation after laser hair removal treatment generally last a short period of time, but may not fully fade until a few months after laser hair removal treatment. Much less common side effects include burning and blistering, and these are usually restricted to laser hair removal treatment patients with very dark skin.

While the majority of patients report great success with laser hair removal treatment, it is not for everyone. To determine if you are a good candidate to receive laser hair removal treatment, you may want to contact a practicing physician.