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Day Spas

A day spa is a type of spa that people go to for small amounts of time, even for an hour, and can stay for up to the whole day.  Day spas are usually located in urban settings near office buildings and are often visited by nearby workers during a break. Day spas are becoming increasingly popular as people find they can slip away for a short period of time and experience the relaxing benefits of a spa visit.

Day spas can also be located in hotels or as part of conference centers or resorts. More recently, the addition of hundreds of stand-alone day spas has occurred due to their popularity

Day spas are typically decorated with light, subtle colors, and have some type of insulation in order to drown out any background city noise. Each spa offers different services but most have various types of massages, facials, and foot-related treatments available. Other services you may find at a day spa include massage, skin wraps, makeovers, mud baths, hot soaking tubs, skin exfoliation and more. Many spas offer fitness classes as well.

Most spas offer some sort of package incentive for having multiple treatments done during the course of one or more days. Spas also usually have specialized care for pregnant women, men, or the disabled. Many people enjoy the personal attention and the focused care given to their particular needs.

At day spas they also have classes on various
 important and popular topics like meditation, stress, makeup, skin care, and relaxation. Most spas carry specific brands of hard to find care products as well for the hair, make up, body, or other home use.

Most spas have an area to disrobe in and provide lockers to keep any business clothing or other personal effects in. Day spas will provide spa-wear, usually in the form of a comfortable robe and spa slippers for your feet, to wear during your visit.  Many spas have a waiting area where people can relax and read magazines while they wait for their treatments. In locker rooms there is typically a hot tub, sauna, personal showers, and other types of personal items that people can use on their own either before or after a treatment.

Day spas will want to know a general medical history of its patrons in order to serve them effectively and safely. Important information may include personal habits such as tobacco or alcohol use. It is important to notify the spa of any cosmetic surgery or makeup that you may have so that they can adjust your treatments accordingly.

Always precede any spa visit or treatment by a consultation with your doctor.  Many times people who are in apparent good health can have underlying conditions or be taking seemingly innocuous medication that actually interferes with spa treatments.  It is important to be thorough in order to enjoy your day spa visit to its fullest extent.