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Brow Lift

Brow lifts combat the signs of aging, decrease frown lines, and raise naturally low or "heavy" brows. Brow lift surgery works by removing muscles and tissues that cause the brow to droop, allowing the brow lift to create a smoother looking forehead.

An incision behind the hairline allows the brow lift surgeon to avoid permanent visible scarring as a result of the brow lift. The surgeon then removes the necessary tissue, sometimes using an endoscope (small camera) to avoid brow lift scarring. Aside from scarring, there are a few other side effects that could result from brow lift surgery. As with any surgery, infection is always a risk, and nerve damage from brow lifts can cause an inability of the individual to control eyebrow movement or wrinkle the forehead. Brow lift complications, however, are extremely rare, and most often can be corrected surgically.