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Breast Lift

Guide to Breast Lifts

Breast lifts offer a means to improve breasts that are sagging and appear to have lost volume in the upper pole of the breast. Breast lifts are performed because of breast droopiness, sagginess, elasticity loss and to improve displeasing breast shape. Breast augmentation patients may obtain better positioning for an implant through a breast lift. Select breast augmentation candidates may be better served through a breast lift alone. Breast lift considerations involve a variety of elements, as follows:   

Breast Lift Procedure
Anesthesia, Location and Time:

Breast lift is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure may be performed in a hospital whereby the surgeon has privileges to perform it there or an out patient surgical center. The procedure may require up to two hours or more when a breast augmentation is performed at the same time. 

Breast Lift Technique:

The breast lift technique involves three incisions that form an anchor shape extending from the nipple and aerola. The plastic surgeon will then trim away excess skin, lift breast tissue and suture it into the elevated position. Usually, the nipple and aerola must be repositioned and sutured in place. 

Breast Augmentation Breast Lift Combination:

Breast augmentation breast lift combination procedures are one of the most difficult combinations to perform together. Some surgeons prefer to perform the procedures separately to reduce the risk of complications and allow for enough time for the implant to drop so a better estimate of the lift positioning can take place.

Breast Lift Recovery:

Plastic surgeons provide a complete list of pre and post operative instructions in order to reduce the risk of complications and allow for a smooth recovery. Breast lift patients can usually return to work and participate in most normal activities within a few days time, unless a breast augmentation is performed at the same time. In this case, participation in most normal activities may require two weeks of time. Most patients are pleased with the outcome of the procedure.

Breast Lift Before and After Photos:

Imaging helps to describe outcomes of breast surgery procedures. Viewing before and after photos on websites and in the practices that you wish to visit can help set reasonable expectations for the outcome of your procedure

Breast Lift Risks:

As with all medical procedures, there are risks associated with breast lifts. Risks associated with breast lifts are reduced when pre and post operative instructions are followed by the patient.

Breast Asymmetry:

Breast may appear to be asymmetric in shape or contour.

Deep Vein Thrombosis:

Deep Vein Thrombosis is a condition the results in a blood clot which forms deeply in the body, commonly found in the legs or thighs.


Hematomas (blood clots) may result from breast surgery.
Infection: Infection may occur and can be treated with antibiotics.


The term necrosis is used to describe dead tissue.

Revision Surgery:

There is a risk that a revision surgery would be necessary to remove complications that result from initial surgery. Revision surgery may be required years later to improve results that have diminished over time.


The procedure results in a visible scar relating to the incisions that fades over time. Poor healing may also result.

Sensation Loss:

Sensation loss, temporary or permanent, may occur in the nipple or surrounding area.


A seroma describes fluid accumulation that occurs in the breast.  

Breast lift requires careful consideration. View board certified plastic surgeons in your area, read about the breast lift from the plastic surgeon's prospective, view before and after photos, and discuss your Plastic surgery needs.

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