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Endermologie Results

One of the reasons that roller massage therapy has become popular is that Endermologie results show a visible reduction in cellulite and sagging skin. Based upon the longevity of these Endermologie results, the FDA has approved the device for the treatment of cellulite-the first product to ever have FDA approval for cellulite treatment. Endermologie results include the reduction of the appearance of cellulite, firmer skin, and improved circulation. And unlike the effects of cellulite creams and pills, Endermologie results tend to last for months or even years, depending upon the individual.

The smoothing and tightening effects visible in Endermologie results are created by the specialized design of the therapeutic massagers, with mechanical rollers and regulated suction. Endermologie results occur when the massager creates symmetrical skin folds, temporarily stimulating circulation to specific areas. The nature of the massager allows the technician to produce specialized Endermologie results for each patient, concentrating on a certain region, or placing an emphasis on toning or cellulite treatment. Endermologie results are typically photographed after each session, allowing the patient and technician to continue to fine-tune the treatment sessions to achieve optimal Endermologie results for each individual.

Treatment takes 30 to 40 minutes, and Endermologie results are generally visible after around a dozen treatments. In the early stages, treatment sessions are usually scheduled for twice weekly; once Endermologie results are achieved, the patient may transition into a maintenance schedule, receiving treatment only once a month. Endermologie results are typically not sped up or improved with more than two sessions weekly, and patients who are losing a large amount of weight or who have pervasive cellulite problems are recommended to schedule only one session per week. Endermologie results are improved by diet and exercise, and many patients schedule Endermologie sessions in conjunction with liposuction. Endermologie results for liposuction patients are incredible-the treatment prior to liposuction creates smoother results, and following liposuction it speeds healing.

Almost anyone can enjoy Endermologie results. Although men typically do not have cellulite at the rates that women do, Endermologie results for male patients include toning up sagging pectoral muscles and addressing problem areas such as love handles.