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Reconstructive Breast Surgery

Reconstructive breast surgery is a great availability for women that have undergone a mastectomy. Doctors are able to rebuild breasts by removing skin and fat from the stomach or other areas to rebuild the contour of the breast, as well as the nipple and areola if the woman wishes. The advances made in reconstructive surgery over the last decade have been tremendous, giving patients more options when choosing to undergo reconstructive breast surgery.

In most circumstances the women that considers reconstructive breast surgery have had a mastectomy, rarely does a lumpectomy necessitate the procedure. The purpose of reconstructive breast surgery is to regain breast symmetry after the mastectomy. Not every woman will choose a reconstructive breast surgery but most doctors will encourage patients to consider all options before deciding. For some women, the greater accessibility of reconstructive breast surgery has allowed them to regain lost bodily features that they previously associated to womanhood.

While reconstructive breast surgery will have a different appearance when looking at in the nude then before the mastectomy, with a bra and clothing it should not be a noticeable difference. Most women will be able to choose between a saline breast implant or muscle flap reconstruction. Since muscle flap reconstructive breast surgery involves blood vessels, some women will not be able to have this type of technique as an option, including smokers, diabetics, or women with vascular or connective tissue diseases.

Over time, researchers have been trying to develop more efficient ways of performing reconstructive breast surgery by minimizing the mastectomy scar, as well as the reconstruction scars, and achieving the most aesthetically pleasing look. According to current figures, 12 percent of women alive today will develop breast cancer. Many decisions will need to be made during an often times stressful situation.

Immediately undergoing a reconstructive breast surgery can help a woman getting a mastectomy to avoid waking up from surgery without her breast, which can help to ease some of her fears. There are benefits and risks to all surgical procedures, including reconstructive breast surgery. Immediate or delayed reconstructive breast surgery are options available to women that are intended to help make otherwise unpleasant procedures less stressful.