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Periareolar Incision

Periareolar incisions are among the most popular incisions used by surgeons to insert implants during breast augmentation. The periareolar incision is made around the edge of the nipple where it meets the surrounding breast tissue. The scar from a periareolar incision is virtually invisible, as it blends well with the natural change in skin color.

Benefits of Periareolar Incisions

In addition to being the most easily concealed incision, the periareolar option has several other benefits.

  • The periareolar incision allows the surgeon to place implants under the muscle or under the glandular tissue. The periareolar incision also gives the surgeon the greatest degree of precision due to the close proximity of the incision to the treatment site.
  • If there are any subsequent complications after the initial breast augmentation surgery, an additional incision will not typically be required. The surgeon is usually able to go in through the original periareolar incision, eliminating the risk of gaining additional scarring from breast augmentation or corrective surgery.
  • During breast augmentation using the periareolar incision, the implant is rolled up into a protective sleeve before being inserted through the passage into the implant pocket. The protective sleeve prevents the implant from coming into contact with bacteria that could later cause a local infection. The sleeve is removed after the implant is correctly placed.

On the downside, the periareolar incision is associated with the highest degree of difficulty breastfeeding after surgery. Loss of sensation in the nipple area is also another risk associated with the periareolar incision.