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Skin Resurfacing

Skin resurfacing pictures can provide convincing evidence of the results that are possible with this procedure. Examining skin resurfacing pictures taken before the procedure, ones taken during various stages of healing, and skin resurfacing pictures taken after healing is completed can help patients understand the various stages of the process.

Skin resurfacing pictures are often used in before/after combinations by cosmetic surgeons. Patients should ask to view skin resurfacing pictures of a wide variety of patients, especially patients with similar skin types as their own. Skin resurfacing pictures should also include treatments of problems similar to the one the prospective patient has. These skin resurfacing pictures can be used both to educate the patient and to estimate potential results. Reliable skin resurfacing pictures are important to provide an accurate depiction of the process—in a series, doctors should ensure that the skin resurfacing pictures are shot from the same angles and with the same lighting, that patients in the skin resurfacing pictures are not wearing makeup that covers the treated area, and that none of the skin resurfacing pictures have been retouched in any way. Doctors should have a wide array of skin resurfacing pictures available, both to demonstrate their technique and to show how various problems are addressed.

While skin resurfacing pictures are often available on a practice’s web site, prospective patients may benefit from viewing skin resurfacing pictures in person, accompanied by the doctor who performed the procedures. That way, questions regarding specific skin resurfacing pictures can immediately be addressed, and individuals can get an idea of the doctor’s previous work.