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Radiesse Injections

Individuals who want to combat deep facial folds or wrinkles or  want to enhance areas of sunken areas of the face now have another dermal filler option"�?Radiesse injections. Radiesse was approved as an injectable facial filler in 2006 and ever since has become one of the preferred treatments for improving facial appearance.

If you or someone you know is considering Radiesse injections, contact us today. We will put you in contact with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area who can answer all of your questions and address any concerns you may have about Radiesse injections.

The Procedure

Radiesse is a synthetic solution made up of a compound known as calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA)"�?a compound similar to that found in teeth and bones. The Radiesse injection procedure is a fast, and fairly painless one. Radiesse is injected into the skin in the desired areas, where it then works to augment and add volume to the depressed or creased areas. An injection of numbing medicine may be used before the additional injections are administered by your health care professional.

The Healing Process

After Radiesse injections, a patient may experience mild swelling"�?which typically subsides within 24 hours of the procedure and with the help of ice. Mild bruising or small spots may also temporarily appear in the area of the injections, but these too will heal within a short period of time.

Results, however, are immediate and last as long as nine months. Patients who receive Radiesse injections walk away from the procedure with a more youthful, healthy facial appearance. Radiesse costs vary according to the extent of the procedure and the doctor, but consumers should always remain wary of someone offering Radiesse injections at extremely low prices.