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Male Breast Enhancement

Male breast enhancement is achieved through insertion of pectoral implants into a patient's chest area. Male breast enhancement surgery can increase and define the shape of a man's chest when the chest cannot be developed through exercise and diet endeavors. Male breast enhancement surgery is performed to improve the appearance of the chest area but is not designed to achieve other cosmetic and medical results. Patients with chest wall asymmetry or congenital chest wall deformities may not benefit from male breast enhancement surgery. Male breast enhancement surgery does not improve the actual muscle definition of the chest either.

Pectoral Implants

The pectoral implants used in male breast enhancement are contoured to the natural shape of the pectoral muscle. These implants are made of soft, flexible, and durable silicone, which is not the same controversial material that has been used in some female breast enhancement procedures.


Male breast enhancement surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, meaning that there is typically no hospital stay required. The procedure is done under general anesthesia and normally takes one to three hours to complete. The male breast enhancement technique involves making an incision in the armpit area to insert the pectoral implant under the muscle area. An endoscope is often used to guide the implant into the proper location.

Preparing for Male Breast Enhancement

Prior to male breast enhancement surgery, it is important for a patient to understand the risks and benefits associated with the procedure, as well as what to expect before, during, and after male breast enhancement surgery. A patient should discuss all current medication and supplement use, as well as their full medical history with their surgeon before surgery. A male breast enhancement patient should stop working out one or two weeks prior to surgery in order to reduce the pain associated with the procedure.


After male breast enhancement surgery, a patient should carefully follow all aftercare procedures recommended by his cosmetic surgeon. Sutures will be removed after a few days, and a patient will normally be required to wear a post-surgical compression garment for a short period of time. Patients will normally be able to resume daily activity after a few weeks and begin exercising after two to six weeks.

Costs of Male Breast Enhancement

The cost of male breast enhancement surgery can range from $5000 - $7000 depending on a number of factors.  Contact us to speak with a qualified plastic surgeon in your area who can better estimate a cost for your specific needs.

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Risks of Male Breast Enhancement

Though uncommon, there are some risks associated with male breast enhancement surgery. Displacement of an implant, infection, hematoma, seroma, and loss of sensation in the chest area can occur after male breast enhancement surgery, though these complications are rare. The scar from the incision normally fades considerably with time and is virtually unnoticeable due to its placement in the armpit area.

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If you would like to learn more about male breast enhancement surgery, please contact us to speak with a qualified surgeon in your area who has experience performing male breast enhancement surgery.