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Botox Headache

In recent years, Botox has become the most popular treatment for minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. However, researchers are now finding that this extremely popular cosmetic treatment is also useful for treating various physical ailments. In fact, Botox is a proven and effective preventative therapy for headaches and migraines and has been used for treating these conditions since the early 1990s.

If you or someone love suffers from chronic headaches, Botox may help alleviate the suffering. Contact us today to speak with a board certified plastic surgeon who can answer your questions and help you understand treatment options.

Botox Headache Study

In a study involving 271 patients with continuous migraine and head pains, 80 percent claimed that after being treated with Botox their headaches were less frequent and less intense. Numerous other studies have had similar findings.

Although researchers have not completely discovered why Botox seems to help patients with headache problems, they suspect it's because the purified protein relaxes overactive muscles by blocking nerve impulses that make the brain contract and cause pain.

Botox for Headaches

Botox comes in liquid form and is injected underneath the skin, usually around the muscle areas. The injections are relatively painless, feeling much like a pinprick, and side effects are minimal (and temporary). However, side effects may include flu-like symptoms, eyelid or eyebrow drooping, and muscle weakness in the neck.

Andrew M. Blumenfeld, Chief of Neurology at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego, said he usually gives headache patients about 30 injections per treatment. In most cases, he said, this level of Botox treatment is enough to rid the patient of headaches.

Considering Botox for Headache Treatment?

It's important to consult a physician experienced in Botox treatments. Contact us today to locate a board certified plastic surgeon in your area who can evaluate your condition, answer your questions, and help you determine the best course of Botox headache treatment.