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Thermage Skin Firming

If you've decided that wrinkles are becoming a troublesome result of aging, but you're not willing to undergo invasive plastic surgery, maybe the Thermage skin firming procedure could be for you. The skin that covers your body is made up of two layers: the epidermal is the visible outer layer, and the dermal is the deeper layer. A protein called collagen makes up the majority of the dermis, providing the skin with its strength. As we become older, the body produces less collagen and the skin becomes less elastic, resulting in wrinkles. The Thermage skin firming procedure tightens the collagen in the dermal layers of the skin and its underlying tissue, thus reducing loose skin and wrinkles and rejuvenating facial contours.

The Thermage skin firming procedure uses patented radiofrequency technology to create a specifically controlled area of heating of the dermal and the underlying tissue, while at the same time continual cooling protects the epidermal layer. A natural biological reaction that results in the collagen contracting and thickening is caused by heating the collagen to critical temperatures. This process of denaturizing provides the desired result of tighter, smoother looking skin through the Thermage skin firming process.

The Thermage skin firming process also causes the body to initiate a second response from the heating within the dermal layer and underlying tissue. The body's reaction is a natural wound-healing response, initiating new collagen creation and providing long-term tightening of the skin. Thermage skin firming creates these two processes providing immediate skin tightening and long-term tightening effects.

There are several types of procedures available that affect collagen, but only the Thermage skin firming procedure offers a completely non-invasive method with no recovery time. Although the results of Thermage skin firming can provide a more youthful facial appearance, the results do not last as long as facelift procedures, where results last anywhere from five to ten years. The results of Thermage skin firming treatments last around two years. Thermage skin firming does last longer than cosmetic injected fillers, such as collagen and fat, which are used to treat wrinkles and skin elasticity. Cosmetic fillers only last about four to six months before the procedure must be repeated.

After undergoing Thermage skin firming treatments, your skin should feel tighter and smoother. Additional skin tightening will occur over time and your new look will gradually occur over a 3 to 6 month period, with earlier results possible.

Clinical studies of the Thermage skin firming procedure found amazing results. When treating the cheeks, jaw line, and chin areas using a multiple-pass approach, a substantial reduction in laxity was found with just one treatment session. There were no reports of adverse effects and although some pain medications were used, most patients found the treatment to be quite tolerable.

In August 2004, the FDA approved all Thermage skin firming techniques covering all areas of the face. There are currently 1,000 Thermage skin-firming systems in operation worldwide. Consulting with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon will help you determine if this successful new technique is the right one for you.