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Hydroliposculpture is a method of liposuction designed to include a combination of some of the most noninvasive and damaging elements of liposuction.  Its primary component is the water-based "tumescent technique,"? which tends to result in less blood loss, pain, and bruising, swelling, or anesthetic related problems.  Hydroliposculpture also utilizes smaller cannulae (the vacuum devices used in liposuction) and ultrasound attachments to create a combination treatment of less damaging and more effective elements.

Tumescent liposuction on its own uses a drug combination solution injected into the area where surgery is to take place.  The solution contains a combination of lidocaine (for anesthetic purposes), epinephrine (a capillary constrictor), and intravenous fluid.  Upon injection the skin and surrounding tissue swells up and becomes hardened, or "tumescent."?  This makes it easier and less invasive to perform liposuction on the area.

In tumescent liposuction a group of smaller cannulae are used as well, making the removal of the fat more gradual and controlled.  Larger cannulae remove fat quickly and sometimes cause bruising and tissue damage to the surrounding area.  Tumescent liposuction's use of micro-cannulae has had considerable success in lessoning pain and bruising associated with liposuction.

Hydroliposculpture uses the smaller micro-cannulae but utilizes a newer, softer and more flexible version.  This allows the cannulae to ease itself into the top layer just below the skin's surface, resulting in less bruising to the outside of the skin and deeper tissue.  These newer cannulae are also more efficient at propelling through the fat tissue and thus require less force, resulting in a cleaner and less painful procedure.

 Hydroliposculpture completes its surgery with the use of ultrasonic cannulae.  The ultrasonic attachments fit on the normal cannulae.  Waves are used to liquefy the fat and wash it with water at the same time.  While this is occurring, high-powered vacuums clean up the resulting fat, oil, and water mixture.  This type of liposuction can be extremely non-invasive since the cannulae do not have to travel far or deep to break up the fat tissue.

The goal of hydroliposculpture is to provide a series of treatments that effectively combine the least damaging and invasive liposuction techniques in order to create an effective and safer method of surgery.  All procedures should be discussed with and carried out by your board-certified plastic surgeon.  Only once all of your options and personal needs are discussed can you make an informed and better decision for your liposuction needs.