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Contour Thread Lift

Contour thread lift is one of the latest developments in plastic surgery, and the noninvasive, short recovery procedure is expected to become one of the most popular cosmetic choices in 2005. The popularity of cosmetic surgery is evident, as seen across various forms of media showcasing the latest procedures that promise results to shave off years, and the demand for plastic surgery has allowed the introduction of more minimally invasive procedures, like contour thread lift.

Intended as a nonsurgical alternative to a facelift, a contour thread lift does not require anesthesia, which causes a long downtime, and the lift can be adjusted based on the patient's preference and feedback. Patients that are uncomfortable with being under for cosmetic surgery, or who have just begun seeing early stages of facial aging may be able to benefit from what contour thread lift can offer. FDA approved in early 2005, contour thread lift is an improved approach to tightening and lifting the face than thread lifts in the past. The concept of thread lifts is not new, but in the past procedures have had problems with sutures rising to the surface and offering only short-term smoothening.

After making tiny incisions along the hairline, the plastic surgeon inserts needles threaded with barbed sutures, which have little cogs that are able to grab the skin once in place. The skin is able to, as a result, slide into a desired position while a patient can look in a mirror and direct the plastic surgeon. Because contour thread lifts are so new, plastic surgeons are not sure how long the results will last, though it is believed they can last seven to 10 years.

Being called the latest "lunchtime facelift", a contour thread lift is a great option for patients not yet showing advanced signs of aging and would like to take a proactive approach to cosmetic surgery. Instead of waiting until more drastic measures need to be taken to achieve a more youthful approach, minimally invasive procedures, like the contour lift, offer patients the ability to made subtle improvements at the first signs of aging.

Cosmetic surgery has changed, and more people are seeing it as a tool to make improvements while understanding it has limitations. The focus on overall health, eating better and exercising regularly, has allowed people to live longer and with more energy and active involvement in life, but sometimes the aging process on the outside can move faster than the youthful spirit inside, which a contour thread lift is able to help balance for ideal candidates.

In just a couple days, patients can enjoy full recovery from a contour thread lift, and the procedure can still be adjusted should the patient want certain spots tweaked. Like all cosmetic procedures, a contour thread lift has risks, as well as benefits. If interested in a contour thread lift, patients are encouraged to discuss the option with a properly trained and experienced plastic surgeon.