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Aging is a natural process that everyone goes through.  In a nation consumed with health and beauty and countless numbers of anti-aging products, experiencing aging can be difficult to adjust to.  The average age of Americans is increasing, and the idea that life diminishes with aging no longer exists.

Believing there are actually anti-aging methods can be a dangerous way of thinking, however, there are lifestyle choices that can promote health and beauty and prolong and minimize the signs of aging.  Coupled with anti-aging products and procedures, if desired, they can have dramatic and natural results. 

With the high exposure and popularity of cosmetic surgery procedures, Americans must remember that aging is a universal process that must be embraced. Taking care of yourself by exercising, eating healthy and a number of other daily choices is the best anti-aging method, but some people have less forgiving genes. The availability of anti-aging cosmetic procedures does not mean signs of aging should be avoided at all costs, but it does allow people to enhance their natural beauty and feel better about themselves both on the inside and outside.

Because there are so many lines of products offering the latest in anti-aging technology, sometimes the most obvious basic steps are missed, which can also be the most effective.  Things like making sure to wear sunblock every day is very important as an anti-aging technique. The sun is responsible for up to 90 percent of skin aging, and wrinkles. 

If you are a smoker, there is no reason not to stop immediately. Studies continue to show how bad smoking is to your health, and it has significant effects on beauty.  Smoking constricts blood vessels and breaks down collagen. Considering people will get collagen injections as an anti-aging look, smoking should be an obvious thing to avoid.  Keeping the skin firm, collagen is necessary to prevent wrinkles from getting worse. 

Drinking water hydrates your body and prevents your skin from appearing ashy and dull.  Like a moisturizer, drinking enough water hydrates your skin from the inside out, keeping fine lines and wrinkles from looking obvious. Just like you would apply anti-aging moisturizers to your skin, you must also hydrate your entire body. 

Even though fat has gotten a negative image over the years because of the obesity problems in the U.S., fat is necessary to health and beauty and keeps the hair and skin looking its best. The key when it comes to fats is to consume good fats "“ monounsaturated, polyunsaturated fats and fat rich in omega-threes - which fight heart disease and inflammatory body chemicals that speed up aging and result in wrinkles.  Fruits and vegetables are extremely necessary for its antioxidants, a key anti-aging substance. 

Exercise has numerous health benefits, and studies have shown it could even help keep your brain young by reducing age-related cognitive decline. Stress can literally be seen in your face, causing your facial muscles to contract so skin gets temporarily drawn and blood vessels constrict. As a result, your skin looks paler, but exercise is a great way to relieve stress while staying fit and toned. 

Not everyone is blessed with flawless, wrinkle free skin, and gravity and aging starts to take its toll. For people that live an active, healthy lifestyle, the wrinkles, creases and jowls that begin to appear with aging does not reflect the vibrant energy that they feel inside.  When this is the case, anti-aging techniques are sometimes sought. The procedures, when performed by qualified individuals and performed among qualified candidates, can have very pleasing results. 

Advancement in technology and techniques have allowed for more options and less invasive procedures. Anti-aging procedures can now be performed with little downtime, risks, recovery, pain and costs as a result. These techniques cannot replace consistently abiding by natural, smart anti-aging choices like eating healthy and minimizing stress, but they can be a great addition.