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Liposuction Recovery

Liposuction recovery used to entail weeks, even months, of painful healing and limited mobility. With new techniques, liposuction recovery now is much quicker and less painful, and patients often return to work within days.

Liposuction recovery begins the minute that surgery ends. The patient is usually taken to a liposuction recovery room, where the drugs begin to wear off. In modern liposuction, liposuction recovery does not involve recovery from general anesthesia"�?often considered the most unpleasant part of liposuction recovery. Patients are usually sent home shortly after the procedure, with specific instructions regarding liposuction recovery, prescriptions for pain medication, and compression garments. The compression garments play a key role in liposuction recovery: in addition to helping the wound heal without tissues shifting, they often prevent blood clots.

Liposuction recovery consists to a large extent of optimizing results and minimizing risks. For instance, during liposuction recovery, patients must monitor their incision points, and watch closely for infection. If infection occurs during liposuction recovery, it can lead not only to unsightly scarring, but also to death. Most physicians schedule liposuction recovery check ups that monitor healing. It is crucial for patients to keep their appointments during the liposuction recovery time, as early detection greatly improves the chances of averting serious problems.

Most liposuction recovery consists of stages: bruising and numbness should disappear around the same time in the liposuction recovery process, usually one-two weeks. Swelling subsides a little later in liposuction recovery, taking at least a few weeks, and more often months. Once the swelling has gone away, liposuction recovery is over and you will see the final results of the surgery.

Liposuction recovery is almost as important as the procedure itself: to get the best results, follow the liposuction recovery advice from your doctor.