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How Does My Metabolism Work?

Keeping your metabolism high is an important factor when you're trying to shed pounds. A common mistake people often make when trying to lose weight is skipping meals, though this is the opposite of what you should be doing to keep your metabolism up.

Instead of having a couple of large meals throughout the day, you should be having five small meals that will keep your cravings down and your energy soaring. When you eat a meal that exceeds 500 calories, insulin is produced and that meal is pushed into fat storage. When you eat smaller meals, your blood sugar level is kept steady.

Is Exercise Really Necessary?

Exercise is essential when you're trying to lose weight and look your best. Eating well will not shed the pounds alone, and vice versa. Getting your body into tip-top shape can't happen when you're not committed to both eating healthy and exercising daily.

Can Plastic Surgery Help Me Lose Weight?

Plastic surgery cannot help you lose weight; a balanced diet and exercise are the most effective method for shedding extra pounds permanently. However,  for those who have had gastric bypass"�?or bariatric"�?surgery, body contouring can help remove unsightly excess skin.

For others who have small but persistent pockets of fat they want to quickly rid themselves of, liposuction has proven to be a popular procedure.

Should I Get Body Contouring Surgery After My Tummy Tuck?

Body contouring is typically suggested after getting a tummy tuck. The procedure tightens any loose skin you may have left over and helps the body conform to its actual shape. Body contouring is not only suggested for those who have had a tummy tuck, but it is also recommended for those who have had children or those who's bodies are changing with age.

How Do I Choose A Plastic Surgeon?

If you have reached your ideal weight and would like to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon about body contouring, tummy tuck, or liposuction, contact us today. We'll put you in touch with an experienced surgeon who will answer your questions and help you determine the best option for you.