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Cheek Implants

Patients seeking a more sculpted facial appearance can often achieve their desired look with cheek implants. This option may aid those who wish to add roundness to their faces, and cheek implants can also be used to create or improve symmetry between the various facial features. Most often, the materials used in cheek implants are synthetic and designed to last for the lifetime of the patient, making the new look permanent, although cheek implants can always be removed or replaced at a later date if the patient is dissatisfied.

The variety of sizes and shapes of cheek implants available allow patients to create almost any look imaginable. Patients who are considering cheek implants can usually examine a number of different sized implants with a cosmetic surgeon to decide which cheek implants will be most likely to create the desired look. Another common approach to "previewing" the cheek implants is to have a computer-generated picture, showing the potential outcome.

Once the plastic surgeon and patient agree on the type and size of cheek implants, the incision site will be determined. One of the major advantages that recipients of cheek implants have is the lack of visible scarring: the incisions used in cheek augmentation surgery are usually placed either inside of the mouth or inside the lower eyelid. The procedure for cheek implants takes around an hour to perform, although it may take longer for patients who choose to have other implants or procedures in addition to the cheek implants.

There is usually little pain associated with cheek implants, although bruising, swelling, and stiffness are fairly common. Swelling, in particular, is one of the major side effects of cheek implants, and patients should prepare themselves for their swollen appearance. It can take months before the final results of cheek implants become apparent. In the meantime, there is a low risk of more serious side effects, such as infection, calcification (especially of screws or other metal parts attached to bone), and hemorrhage or other common surgical complications.

To learn more about cheek implants and the potential advantages/drawbacks you may want to schedule a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon who can discuss the various aspects of cheek implants with you and tell you honestly whether or not you are a suitable candidate to receive cheek implants.