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Chemical Facial Peel

Chemical facial peels improve and smooth facial skin, using a chemical solution to remove damaged outer layers. A chemical facial peel usually contains phenol, trichloroaoetic acid (TCA) and alphahydroxy acids (AHAs) with the specific formula of chemical facial peels varying according to the needs of the patient.

Some patients who elect to undergo a chemical facial peel have it performed in conjunction with a surgical face lift, but bear in mind that chemical facial peels are not intended as a substitute for surgery, and there is no evidence that a chemical facial peel actually prevents or slows the aging process; it merely reduces some signs of aging. Using chemical facial peels, individuals can soften facial acne scars, remove pre-cancerous skin growths and help control acne. Some chemical facial peel procedures may be covered by health insurance; individuals should ask health insurance providers about the chemical facial peel and the conditions under which it is covered by their policy.

The plastic surgeon selects chemical facial peels for each patient based upon the amount and type of skin damage. The strength of chemical facial peels also depends upon the skin type of the patient"�?and some chemical facial peel treatments can only be performed on individuals with very fair skin, because the chemical facial peel drastically alters the color of the skin. More information about chemical facial peels can be obtained through plastic surgeons, and individuals trying to determine if a chemical facial peel is the right course of treatment for their particular needs.