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Tummy Tuck Scars

Tummy tuck scars are one of the major drawbacks of abdominoplasty cosmetic surgery. The extent of tummy tuck scars depends on the extent of the surgery that is performed. Tummy tuck scars are much less extensive with a partial or lower tummy tuck than they are for a full tummy tuck. Tummy tuck scars are permanent but are generally concealed under a bikini or other clothing. With healing, it is normal for tummy tuck scars to actually get worse three to six months after surgery before they get better. After nine months to a year, tummy tuck scars will flatten out and lighten in color.

Tummy tuck scars from a full abdominoplasty will extend from hip to hip in the lower abdominal region and will also be visible around the navel region. Two incisions are made in a full tummy tuck procedure. The first is the horizontal incision and the second circles the belly button. These incisions are made to remove the excess skin and fat from the stomach region, tighten the abdominal muscles, and reposition the navel. Tummy tuck scars from a full abdominoplasty are more extensive than those from a partial abdominoplasty.

In a partial abdominoplasty, also called a mini- or lower-tummy tuck, tummy tuck scars will be less extensive. Tummy tuck scars from this procedure are in a horizontal line below the belly button and do not include a scar from repositioning of the navel. Partial abdominoplasty is performed to remove the excess skin and fat in the lower abdominal region and do not involve repositioning of the navel though its position may change due to the stretching of the skin.

In addition to tummy tuck scars, skin irregularity may result from a liposuction procedure that was performed in conjunction with the abdominoplasty. As with any medical procedure, there are risks and complications that are associated with abdominoplasty cosmetic surgery. Anesthesia complications, bleeding, and infection are rare, but possible, complications from abdominoplasty surgery.

In addition to tummy tuck scars, swelling and bruising commonly occur after abdominoplasty surgery. Bruising and swelling can last two weeks to a few months following tummy tuck surgery. These side effects can be mitigated by following all post-surgery instructions including the use of compression garments and allowing adequate healing time. In order to reduce the severity of tummy tuck scars and other side effects, it is important for a patient to refrain from smoking cigarettes, taking aspirin products, and other measures which can compromise successful healing after abdominoplasty surgery.

Despite tummy tuck scars, the long term results of abdominoplasty surgery are dramatic and long lasting. Abdominoplasty surgery can greatly enhance the appearance and contour of the abdominal region. Good candidates for this procedure have realistic expectations of the results and fully understand what to expect before during and after surgery. For more information on tummy tuck surgery, please contact us to confer with a qualified and experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon in your area.