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Plastic Surgery for Hand Skin

There are many instances in which one might seek plastic surgery for hand skin. These may either be for medical reasons or cosmetic reasons. Medical reasons for seeking plastic surgery for hand skin may include congenital hand deformities, acquired diseases, and traumatic injuries. Some people seek plastic surgery for hand skin for aesthetic purposes in order to diminish the appearance of skin spots, wrinkles, skin atrophy (common with sun damage and aging), and swollen veins.

Plastic surgery for hand skin is done by a plastic surgeon that has special training in hand surgery. These surgeons are trained in reconstructive procedures that restore hand form and functioning. When injury results in deformity or loss of digits or limbs, reconstructive plastic surgery for hand skin can be performed to repair damage and re-attach missing digits by using micro skin grafting and other special techniques. Diseases are alleviated by plastic surgery for hand skin in many cases. State of the art small joint reconstruction helps patients with severe arthritis and may require plastic surgery for hand skin as part of the corrective procedure.

Congenital hand deformities such as extra, missing, deformed or webbed fingers often require reconstructive plastic hand surgery for hand skin. In syndactyly procedures where webbed fingers are surgically separated, plastic surgery for hand skin is necessary. In these procedures, the fingers are split using a zigzag cut and the new web space is created by using a flap of skin from the back of the fingers or groin area. Skin grafting of this nature is one type of plastic surgery for hand skin.

In addition to using plastic surgery for hand skin in medical cases, people also seek the expertise of a hand surgeon for aesthetic reasons. With age and sun damage, the skin of the hands may begin to atrophy. There is a procedure available which liposuctions fat from other areas of the body (i.e. abdomen, back, buttocks, or flanks), purifies these fat cells and injects them into the back of the hand. This plastic surgery for the hand is available but there are risks and complications that may be involved, so it is important to consult a hand surgeon for more information.

There are non-surgical techniques for plastic surgery of the hand which can help to reduce the appearance of pigmentation or wrinkles on the hand skin. Chemical peels, like the light TCA-peel, can even out pigmentation and smooth the hand skin. Laser surgery is not recommended on hand skin because it is too thin.

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