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Natural breast augmentation

The two main factors that determine if the appearance of the augmented breast is natural are breast implant size and breast implant position.

Choosing a Natural Size

The goal is to achieve a natural breast augmentation of the breast profile that appears natural and consistent with a patient's overall figure. With natural breast augmentation, there truly is a very narrow range of implant sizes that will produce a natural, beautiful appearance. Choice of a breast implant size that exceeds the proportions of a woman's body will result in a distinctly unnatural appearance. The idea that any woman can go any size is absolutely untrue, especially if a patient seeking natural breast augmentation desires a result that is in harmony with her body as a whole.

Choosing a Natural Position
Avoiding Scarring

Implant position is another important factor in a natural breast augmentation. The natural, aesthetically pleasing breast appears soft and supple, has slight sag to it instead of looking stuck on the chest, and is much fuller in its lower half than in its upper half. In profile of a natural breast augmentation, the upper half should be a nearly straight, gentle slope to the nipple, and below the nipple full and curved going back to the chest wall. If the implant is not placed precisely, or if it's too large, then this appearance will not be achieved.

Usually implant position suffers from placement that is too high on the chest. This results in breasts that have much more volume above the nipple than below. This look appears very artificial and unattractive instead of a natural breast augmentation. Ideally, the center of a breast implant should be positioned immediately behind the nipple. When implants are placed too high, the upper half of the breast is too full and is convex in profile, a distinctly unnatural appearance.

A natural breast augmentation will not have the placement of implants too far apart. Preferably, the lateral margin of the breast should project just beyond the lateral margin of the chest wall. This creates the upper half of what is commonly called the hourglass figure. The medial border of the breast should begin at or just medial to the edge of the sternum. If a pocket is not created correctly, there will be a wide space between the breasts, not giving a natural breast augmentation look. Not surprisingly, implants can also be positioned too close together. This too will escape the natural breast augmentation look.

Scars should not be visible as a result of natural breast augmentation surgery. Choosing the correct incision is key to avoiding noticeable scarring. In most cases a tiny incision around the areola where there is a transition in color of the nipple skin to breast skin will fade so that it is virtually unnoticeable. A very dark-skinned woman could have a visible scar, so a small scar in the underarm area or perhaps a small scar under the breast would be ideal.


Some women want their decision to have natural breast augmentation to be private, while others are happy to tell that they have had breast augmentation surgery. Women with natural breast augmentation not only look beautiful and natural in clothing and swimsuits, but also even out of clothing no one would know that a woman has had surgery to achieve a beautiful figure.