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Pectoral Implants

Women account for 90 percent of the cosmetic surgery procedures performed, but the number of men seeking cosmetic procedures is continuing to increase every year. The procedures men are interested in are often different from the female procedures and can include things like pectoral implants. Pectoral implants are commonly used on men that have been unable to build up their chest through exercise and weight training to the size they desire and for men with Poland's syndrome, a group of unilateral congenital abnormalities of the chest wall.

Pectoral implants are not just for men wanting oversized muscles. Some men suffer from a hollowed appearing chest and the ability to get pectoral implants to the desired size, shape and location can result in subtle or dramatic results, depending on the goals of the individual. While pectoral implants are not able to improve the actual definition of a patient's muscles, the implants will add more bulk to portray larger muscles.

An incision made inside of the armpit will allow any signs of scarring to be easily hidden. After thorough examination and discussion, the surgeon will place the already chosen size and shaped implants under the pectoralis muscle. What will result is the appearance of a more defined chest, especially for underdeveloped chests. Since men will not want the same feeling as breast implants used on women, the pectoral implants have a firmer feeling, giving the illusion of being a built up muscle.

The pectoral implants will take about a week to heal before normal activity can be resumed. Full activity will be restricted depending on individual factors and healing progression, though most patients can get back to more rigorous activity by six weeks. Pectoral implants differ greatly from women's breast implants because they are not filled. The risks of side effects following pectoral implants are far lesser when compared to breast implants as a result.

Cosmetic surgery is not the answer for everyone. Before deciding to undergo a cosmetic procedure all patients should first try to achieve the goals naturally, if that is possible. If the individual's goals have still not been reached after diet and exercise, cosmetic surgery will be able to enhance the patient's features. All patients should fully weigh the risks and the benefits of pectoral implants before considering if they are good candidates.

The durable, natural, permanent results that can be achieved by pectoral implants have allowed many men unable to achieve a desired look or suffering from congenital or accident defects to regain confidence. As with any cosmetic procedure, it is important to have realistic expectations about what a surgical procedure can achieve. The advancement in science and technology has dramatically improved the way cosmetic surgery is performed, but the best results will be in patients with healthy attitudes wishing only to enhance their physical beauty.