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Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery uses incisions around the areola to remove excess skin, lifting the breast tissue. Breast lift surgery techniques vary, with degrees of scarring depending upon the amount of skin removed. The most common breast lift surgery results in an anchor shaped scar following the natural contour of the breast.

Pre-surgery Consultation

Prior to breast lift surgery, the plastic surgeon meets with the patient to discuss her individual case and decide the breast lift surgery technique best suited to her situation. Breast lift surgery does not address issues such as the size of the breast, and in some cases breast lift surgery is combined with a breast implant or breast reduction to achieve optimal results. Once the breast lift surgery style is determined, the surgeon will set a date for the surgery.


Generally speaking, a breast lift surgery takes about an hour and a half to complete. The first step in breast lift surgery is removing excess skin, after which the nipple is moved to a higher position. After breast lift surgery is completed, the incision site is sutured shut. The stitches from a breast lift surgery usually outline the areola, then follow a vertical line down the breast and along the crease. Breast lift surgery involving a breast implant takes longer; the implant placed directly under breast tissue or muscle.


Breast lift surgery patients usually wear an elastic bandage or surgical bra over their gauze dressings. Following breast lift surgery, the breast area will be bruised and swollen for a few days, although breast lift surgery pain is not usually severe. Some loss of sensation in the breast and nipple after breast lift surgery is not uncommon, and should fade as swelling subsides in the weeks after breast lift surgery. Patients should monitor the incisions from their breast lift surgery for signs of infection, reporting infection to the doctor immediately. About a week after the breast lift surgery, the stitches will be removed. After the sutures come out, recovery from breast lift surgery is a matter of waiting for the swelling and redness to disappear.