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Perlane Lip Augmentation

Perlane lip augmentation uses a synthetic injectable filler to augment the lip area by lifting and adding volume. Perlane lip augmentation provides long-lasting results, and most patients can be treated immediately after their consultation; since Perlane lip augmentation uses no animal-derived materials, there is no need for a spot test before treatment.

Before Perlane lip augmentation, patients meet with the surgeon to discuss their expectations and individual needs. Patients who choose Perlane lip augmentation can receive treatment immediately, if they so desire. In most cases, the doctor will conduct Perlane lip augmentation as ambulatory surgery, with the patient conscious throughout the procedure, which lasts around thirty minutes. Perlane lip augmentation can be performed on the upper or lower lip individually, although most patients have Perlane lip augmentations on both lips to maximize results and encourage symmetry. The method used to perform a Perlane lip augmentation consists of a series of injections of the hyaluronic acid gel in specific areas. After Perlane lip augmentation, the lips will be swollen and possibly bruised; many patients who have had a Perlane lip augmentation found that taking oral vitamin C supplements for a period of time prior to their Perlane lip augmentation encouraged quicker healing with less postoperative bruising. Any bruising or swelling that results from Perlane lip augmentation usually fades within a few days, and there are no permanent scars.

The specifics of Perlane lip augmentation, including possible side effects, should be fully considered before a patient opts for receiving a Perlane lip augmentation. More information is available from doctors who are familiar with the procedure.