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Coronal Brow Lift

While a traditional brow lift addresses the overall appearance of the forehead, procedures like the coronal brow lift pinpoint specific regions to correct. For patients who would like to raise their brow line, a coronal brow lift may be the perfect answer. This method of brow lift is also known as a "headband incision", and involves removing skin from the scalp just beyond the hairline. The coronal brow lift is technically the simplest brow lift procedure to perform, since the entire forehead flap and all of the muscle and bone are easily visible.

The coronal brow lift procedure lengthens the forehead and raises the hairline as the forehead is lifted. To perform a coronal brow lift, the surgeon makes an incision from ear to ear, lifts the forehead and removes the excess skin from the scalp. Coronal brow lifts are ideal for individuals who have short foreheads, but do not usually produce the ideal results for patients who already have larger foreheads. In fact, coronal brow lifts are not performed as commonly anymore, since they may lead to hair loss. Additional risks associated with a coronal brow lift include numbness and scarring, as well as a longer recovery time associated with the coronal brow lift, because of the large incision. To an extent, the coronal brow lift has been replaced by other brow lift techniques such as the endoscopic brow lift, but in some cases, a coronal brow lift is still the most effective way to address the patient's needs and provides the best results.

To determine whether or not you are a suitable candidate for a coronal brow lift, you should consult a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area by choosing your town or city and searching.
Cosmetic surgeons can give you a great deal of information on coronal brow lifts as well as other techniques and methods to rejuvenate your appearance.