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Thread Lift

The demand for plastic surgery is greater than ever, and patients have more options offering less invasive procedures that boast faster recovery times, less scarring, and more natural results, often at cheaper prices. Though you don't need to be looking to find advertisements promising benefits of cosmetic surgery procedures, consumers do have to question when the claims sound too good to be true.

The latest plastic surgery offering is the "lunchtime facelift", using threads to make faces appear firmer and more lifted. Thread lifts are not new, but in the past the procedures had problems. The concept behind thread lifts is that plastic surgeons are able to make small incisions so that a specially designed surgical thread can be inserted into the subcutaneous tissue of the face. Covered in miniscule hook- like cogs, the thread is fed into the patient's skin, and once set into place, pulled tight to the desired appearance.

Because the procedure is minimally invasive, the need for anesthesia is eliminated; therefore allowing thread lifts to be performed while the patient is aware of what is going on. The benefit to being conscious of what is going on with the thread lifts is that the plastic surgeon can give the patient a mirrors as he/she is pulling back the thread, which allows the patient to give feedback.

The excitement surrounding thread lifts today lies in the improved methods that have been recently given FDA approval. In the past, thread lifts had problems with sutures rising to the surface and allowing only short-term smoothness, but now plastic surgeons believe they can last from seven to ten years. Taking just an hour or two, thread lifts require just a couple days of recovery and immediate results.

Like all cosmetic procedures, thread lifts are not for everyone, and patients must have realistic expectations about what it can achieve. Ideal candidates for thread lifts include people who have minimal signs of aging and need just a little lift. If major signs of aging are already apparent, more traditional, surgical options may be the best way to achieve a more youthful appearance.

In recent years, there has been a shift in the way people have approached cosmetic surgery. Before less invasive procedures, like thread lifts, were available, patients wishing to address the signs of facial aging were really only given the option of undergoing a facelift, which used to be criticized for appearing too harsh and pulled back. With improved surgical techniques, surgical facelifts remain a very popular and effective procedure today, but patients no longer want to wait to benefit from cosmetic procedures. By seeking procedures like thread lifts when the first signs of aging have occurred, patients can take a proactive approach to aging, maintaining a desired appearance before advanced signs are visible.

The growing popularity for cosmetic surgery and the demand for more minimally invasive procedures like thread lifts will continue to be researched and improved. For more information on thread lifts, please contact us to consult with a reputable and highly trained and experienced plastic surgeon. As more spas, centers and offices offer plastic surgery procedures in response to the demand for them, it is becoming increasingly important to make sure the plastic surgeon has undergone necessary medical training to safely and effectively perform the procedures.