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Facial Reconstructive Surgery

For patients who have suffered injury or illness that has left their appearance altered, facial reconstructive surgery may be an option worth investigating. There are a number of different situations that facial reconstructive surgery can help to correct or conceal. Some birth defects are commonly addressed through facial reconstructive surgery including cleft palate, a fairly common malformation that is now easily treated in infancy.

Facial reconstructive surgery can also benefit victims of disease or accident. Certain types of cancers, for instance, may attack skin or bone tissue in the face. Facial reconstructive surgery allows the physician to help restore the natural appearance of the patient through the use of skin grafts, implants or prosthetics. Trauma injuries such as car accidents are another common reason for facial reconstructive surgery-surgeons can use fat and tissue grafts from other parts of the body to replace scarred or missing tissue.

Having facial reconstructive surgery can be an important part of the overall recovery. Working with a physician to understand the course of facial reconstructive surgery, determining the desired outcome, and enjoying a restored appearance can all help patients gain confidence in themselves. Facial reconstructive surgery can also help to combat some of the social and emotional distress experienced by survivors of trauma and illness.

To learn more about facial reconstructive surgery and what it takes to be a suitable candidate, contact a board-certified plastic surgeon who has experience in facial reconstructive surgery by clicking on your area below.