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Nose Job

For decades, one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures has been the nose job, or rhinoplasty. The reasons for its continued popularity lie in the ability of a good nose job to completely transform an individual's appearance by bringing all of the facial features into a better symmetry. Nose jobs can also create subtle changes, correcting small flaws or asymmetries.

There is an enormous amount of flexibility associated with nose jobs-they may be combined with almost any number of other procedures, such as chin augmentations, facelifts or blepharoplasty. A nose job is also one of the few plastic surgery procedures that may be covered by insurance; a condition known as deviated septum can be treated through a nose job, and some insurance companies will cover the procedure even if cosmetic steps are taken as well (such as thinning the bridge).

Depending upon the desired outcome of the nose job, the surgeon may be able to use minimally invasive techniques that minimize trauma, promote quicker healing and produce better results. Nose jobs can now be performed with all incisions made inside the nose, leaving no visible scars. Recovering from a nose job is often described as feeling as though the patient has a head cold than like surgery. There is usually some swelling and bruising associated with nose jobs, and it may be a few months before the final results are visible.

Because the nose is such a prominent feature, a nose job is a very serious step. Although procedures and techniques continue to improve and evolve, there is always the potential nightmare: a bad nose job.