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Skin Care

The body's external protection starts with the skin, also dubbed the "largest organ in the body."?  The skin is used for insulation, vitamin production, protection, and more.  The skin usually also has hair growth which helps keep the body warm and protects our skin from things like the sun.

When the skin is damaged from some external element or internal physical problem scars, wrinkles, cuts, or other problems can occur.  The skin's protective scar tissue is a response to some trauma to the skin and scar tissue can be excessively discolored or otherwise worrisome.

External problems that can damage skin include excessive exposure to the sun, perhaps the most preventable skin care related problem.  Sun exposure can cause skin cancer, premature wrinkling, and other deformities and colorations.  Avoiding excessive sun exposure is the best initial step to take in skin care.  Sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 is recommended when outside for any amount of time.  Several sunscreens now include moisturizing agents as well.

The skin surrounding the eyes is typically more dry and thinner than other areas of the body.  There is no fat cells or oil production in the skin around the eyes.  Eye creams are a good way to keep up the skin care for eye related skin.  A discussion with an experienced skin care doctor is necessary in finding a good cream.  Several eye creams on the market tout results such as wrinkle removal without ever producing them.  In addition to eye creams, sunglasses should be worn as frequently as possible while outdoors and in direct sunlight.

A reputable cream containing retinol can also help in skin care, reducing wrinkles, coloration, and acne.   Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that can increase the amount of vitamin A in the skin.  The additional vitamins in the skin also help in temporarily creating collagen and smoothing out wrinkles and acne.  Retinol cream can also help in fading pigmentation areas or other discoloration of the skin.  In addition, a cream or lotion containing AHAs, or alpha-hydroxy acids, can help in smoothing the skin of rough or dry spots.

In all cases of skin care, the most effective course of treatment has always been prevention.  Keeping your skin healthy, out of the sun, and moisturized, have been easy and fast acting methods of skin care.  In all other cases, notify your doctor and see a skin specialist often in order to keep on top of developments in the skin care field.

There are several products on the market, some containing medicines, others made of herbal remedies, which all tout unbelievable claims.  Exercise caution when choosing these skin care products.  Only your experienced skin care doctor will know which products will actually work, and what the best method of caring for your skin is.