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Tummy Tuck Cost

Tummy tuck costs are generally not covered by insurance, as they are considered strictly cosmetic in nature. However, tummy tuck costs related to the repair of a hernia may be covered by insurance, alleviating some tummy tuck costs, but usually not covering the full price of the surgery.

A number of factors influence tummy tuck costs. First, the surgery involves the facility fee, cost of surgical instruments and anesthetics (sometimes tummy tuck costs can be lowered if the procedure is not conducted under general anesthesia), and other material costs. Tummy tuck costs also include the surgeon's fee, which often varies according to the physician's experience and reputation. Tummy tuck costs generally take into account the price of pre- and post-operative consultations, and many times tummy tuck costs cover any necessary minor corrective treatments or procedures. If a practice advertises very low tummy tuck costs, they may not be including some of these factors in their "total price"¿. Additionally, tummy tuck costs can change drastically between states or regions, so getting the breakdown of the elements of tummy tuck costs from each practice can help determine where to find the best value.