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Breast Implants

Breast implants are used to surgically increase the patient's breast size. In many cases, breast implant surgery is strictly a cosmetic increase, but many breast cancer survivors and others often use breast implants as prosthetics to replace one or both breasts.

Individuals interested in getting breast implants should schedule a meeting with a plastic surgeon who is familiar with the breast implant procedure. The plastic surgeon can explain the various risks and benefits of breast implants, including the different materials used for the shell and the filling of the breast implant. Depending upon the needs of the patient, the surgeon may choose from a variety of breast implant materials and techniques to tailor the outcome to the individual.


Recent advances in breast implant procedures enable the surgeon to operate with a minimal amount of scarring; many breast implants are now inserted through incisions hidden by the belly button or armpits. Recovery after a breast implant surgery varies by individual, but patients are usually able to return home immediately following their breast implant procedure. The majority of patients will wear an elastic bandage to prevent shifting while the breast implants heal, and some patients experience soreness and stiffness for the first days to weeks following breast implant surgery. Any swelling or bruising should subside shortly, and the final results of the breast implants will appear around six months after the surgery.

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Breast Implant Size

The size of the breast implants used depends upon several factors, including the proportions of the patient, the breast implant shape, desired amount of cleavage and protrusion of the breast implant itself when viewed from the side. Most patients have found after surgery that breast implants tend not to appear as large as natural breasts, so the size of the breast implant may seem smaller than what you intended. On the other hand, ordering breast implants in a size that is too large could lead to serious complications after the breast implant surgery. A competent plastic surgeon will not push the limits of your body by using an oversized breast implant, so you should talk various sizes over with your surgeon to determine the breast implant size that is right for your needs.

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