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Sun Tanning

The sun is responsible for up to 90 percent of skin damage. Wrinkles from sun tanning are even more visible than wrinkles occurring from the natural aging process. Associated to increased risks of skin cancer, sun spots, wrinkles, pigmentation and other visible appearances, the sharp rise in the rates of skin cancer indicates people are not heeding warnings, despite knowledge of the dangers of prolonged sun exposure.

When exposed to UV radiation, either from sun  /ctanning in natural sunlight or in artificial sources of light, the skin begins to produce a pigment called melanin to protect itself from burning. Production of melanin causes the skin to darken and produce the tan, which takes three to five days.

Experts believe that because effects of sun tanning do not appear for 10-20 years after excessive exposure, warnings fail to deliver an adequate effect on younger generations.  Sun damage from sun tanning will probably not visibly show up in teenagers and 20-somethings, but once reaching the 30s, dermatologists start seeing more patients complaining because enough cumulative damage has produced.

The damaging effects of sun tanning cannot be reversed, and experts are trying to figure out how to prevent people from regretting spending their time in the sun.  Sun protection gets a lot of publicity, but translating public awareness into action has been a challenge.  Luckily, there are more and more ways to achieve the appearance of sun tanned skin without damaging your skin.

In the past, self-tanners used to produce streaky, uneven, orange looking shades.  Self-tanners have made dramatic improvements, and getting a year round glow with these products is easier than ever. In addition, spray tans like Mystic Tan are administered by professionals and can produce a full body tan.  The use of bronzers and other makeup products can also create a golden, sun kissed look.

For years, people associated sun tanning to looking healthy and vibrant, but evidence continues to show the damaging effects of too much exposure to sunlight. You can still get the look you want without the damage by experimenting with available products.