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Breast Augmentation Recovery

Recovering from any plastic surgery procedure takes time, greatly depending on individual factors and how invasive the technique was. To help speed up breast augmentation recovery, a top that snugly secures a cold/hot gel pack against the chest has been created and was announced in June 2004. This is just one recovery system developed to help with breast augmentation recovery. Since breast augmentation surgery was first introduced the procedure has become safer and more sophisticated, allowing for aesthetically pleasing results with much quicker breast augmentation recovery time.

The number of breast augmentation surgery continues to grow rapidly, with over a quarter million women undergoing a breast augmentation in 2003 alone. As fashions and trends continue to evolve, so do desirable body shapes. Breast implants vary in both shape and size but as a greater focus on overall health and fitness has become so important, plastic surgery trends have moved towards more youthful but natural appearances. No longer are surgeons getting the many requests for oversized implants that were requested in the 80s and 90s, but more frame fitting and natural appearing sizes intended to restore lost contours.

The move to more natural appearing breast implants has allowed new surgical techniques to emerge, which has allowed for faster breast augmentation recovery times. The ability to undergo implant surgery through your navel or an existing scar for some patients has been a way to minimize the scarring, pain, and breast augmentation recovery time. Though this option is not for everyone, the better understanding of how to most effectively perform cosmetic surgery uncovered through decades of research has greatly improved all aspects of plastic surgery.

Americans are busier than ever, with the fast paced lifestyles requiring a quicker breast augmentation recovery period. Along with the growth of surgical cosmetic surgery procedures has been a boom in non-invasive cosmetic surgery procedures as well. People want to be able to go for a quick lunchtime treatment without disrupting their daily schedules. These non-invasive procedures have allowed quick and pleasing results for many, though patient goals may not be achievable without more invasive techniques.

The demand for breast augmentation has been and continues to be high, and in turn, researchers will continue to find ways to minimize breast augmentation recovery time to better suit busy schedules. Healing aids like the breast augmentation recovery top is just one way to help the process in a more convenient manner. Especially in the last decade, advances in plastic surgery as a whole has far surpassed what even experts believed to be possible.

The availability of optics, new materials and an increased understanding of the human body and how it works has allowed surgical techniques to be as minimally invasive with the least amount of downtime following. These advances have been evident in the way breast augmentation is performed, the results achieved and a quicker breast augmentation recovery time experienced.