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Sclerotherapy Cost

Sclerotherapy cost depends upon the amount of time a doctor spends treating the veins. Another factor of sclerotherapy cost is whether a doctor or a technician conducted the treatment. Aspects of treatment that influence sclerotherapy cost can vary based upon the amount of treatment needed, while other circumstances that drive up sclerotherapy cost can be controlled by the patient, such as whether a doctor conducts the treatment.

Sclerotherapy costs depend largely upon the extent of the vein problems; patients will pay higher sclerotherapy costs if they need multiple treatments, or the doctor spends extra time treating them. Discussing various sclerotherapy cost factors is a "must"? for patients who are looking into this treatment, since the overall sclerotherapy cost can rise very quickly under certain circumstances. In many cases, insurance will cover the sclerotherapy costs, if it is being conducted for medical reasons, such as to reduce pain. While the sclerotherapy cost for cosmetic procedures is the same, insurance is generally not available for cosmetic treatments. After sclerotherapy cost is discussed with the doctor, patients should get a written estimate indicating the projected sclerotherapy cost and then check with their insurance company to see if part or all of this sclerotherapy cost will be covered under their policy.