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Tummy Tuck Recovery

Tummy tuck recovery speeds depend to a large degree upon the level of fitness of the individual; tummy tuck recovery for a person with strong abdominal muscles can take less than two weeks, while tummy tuck recovery for an individual unaccustomed to exercise may take significantly longer.

The first step to optimal tummy tuck recovery is postoperative care; the patient may spend a few hours or several days in initial tummy tuck recovery, resting in the hospital and adjusting to the regimen of antibiotics and painkillers. The next tummy tuck recovery phase comes when the patient returns home. Most surgeons give their patients explicit, personalized instructions regarding tummy tuck recovery. These directions include the ways to prevent blood clots, monitor for infection, and optimization of tummy tuck recovery, including ways to prevent excessive scarring. It is very important for the patient to follow the tummy tuck recovery advice; failure to do so may result in infection, unsightly scars, or delayed healing.

Tummy tuck recovery involves noticeable phases: removal of sutures, reduction in swelling and bruising, and fading of scars. Tummy tuck recovery can also be measured by reductions in pain and stiffness. To speed tummy tuck recovery, patients should institute a gentle exercise regimen, which will increase circulation and aid muscles in tummy tuck recovery, while simultaneously optimizing results by toning and flattening abdominal muscles and reducing fat. Full tummy tuck recovery generally takes six months, when all swelling is gone and scar tissue drastically reduced.