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Rhinoplasty Recovery

Rhinoplasty recovery involves multiple stages, and can take up to twelve months. Depending upon the techniques used, rhinoplasty recovery times can vary by individual.

The plastic surgeon should discuss the various aspects of rhinoplasty recovery during consultation prior to surgery. Because the procedure is usually highly individualized, each patient's rhinoplasty recovery may be slightly different and is best predicted by their doctor. In general though, rhinoplasty recovery follows a basic course. Bruising around the eyes usually fades within the first week of rhinoplasty recovery, although noticeable swelling may last several weeks. Three to seven days into the rhinoplasty recovery, the patient will return to have sutures and packing removed. (A splint used during rhinoplasty recovery to stabilize the nose may be required for a week.) At this point in the rhinoplasty recovery, most patients are able to return to work. For the first months of rhinoplasty recovery, the skin on the nose will be sensitive and sun block is required. A full rhinoplasty recovery may take one full year, when any numbness and internal swelling should be gone. During rhinoplasty recovery, patients often feel more discomfort than pain, but doctors will prescribe painkillers for use during rhinoplasty recovery if needed.

Individuals seeking additional information about rhinoplasty recovery may wish to speak directly with an experienced plastic surgeon. Since so many factors of rhinoplasty recovery depend upon the individual, a consultation may help determine what a rhinoplasty recovery would entail for you.