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Natural Breast Reduction

Natural breast reduction can mean one of two things.

  • An actual loss of breast tissue - a natural breast reduction resulting from weight loss, nursing, or other physiological change.
  • A natural breast reduction relying on herbal remedies, etc.
  • Loss of Breast Tissue.

Many patients planning to undergo breast reduction surgery try natural breast reduction at some point. In some cases, weight loss and exercise will cause a certain amount of natural breast reduction, lessening the amount of tissue to be removed through surgery. Breastfeeding women often experience natural breast reduction once they cease nursing, but many times the skin does not retain its full elasticity. Natural breast reductions through these means can require a breast lift, or reduction/augmentation following the natural breast reduction to create a more flattering breast shape.

Natural Breast Reduction Through Herbal Remedies

Some women take herbal supplements, or use creams or other natural breast reduction remedies to attempt to reduce their breast size. These non-surgical procedures, advertised as a means to natural breast reduction, are generally unsuccessful, or produce only limited results. The herbal products marketed as natural breast reduction solutions are not regulated by the FDA, as they are not medical in nature. Natural breast reduction products using herbal remedies are not required to support their advertising claims. The miraculous natural breast reductions they describe are not supported by any scientific evidence, nor are the companies manufacturing the natural breast reduction products required to live up to their advertising.

Combining With a Surgical Procedure

While natural breast reductions through weight loss may be effective, it is unlikely that a patient seeking a natural breast reduction through the use of herbal supplements will meet with any success. Even successful natural breast reductions often require surgical follow up to lift and shape the breasts. Discussing natural breast reduction with a certified plastic surgeon may help you understand whether a natural breast reduction is a good option for you to pursue, or if you should consider combining natural breast reduction with a surgical procedure to obtain optimum results.