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Facial Collagen Injections

Facial collagen injections allow individuals to erase the signs of aging, treating fine lines, and wrinkles, even scarring. Facial collagen injections replace the collagen the body produces naturally, creating a youthful looking complexion.

Individuals interested in facial collagen injections should realize that the current collagen treatments are not permanent solutions. In most cases, facial collagen injections will last for three to six months. However, the convenience and results produced by facial collagen injections have made them a popular choice for people seeking to rejuvenate their look. Sometimes facial collagen injections can cause an allergic reaction, and patients should thoroughly discuss the risks involved in facial collagen injections with their doctors. Individuals with allergies to dietary beef, or lidocaine should not receive facial collagen injections, and most doctors do a spot test to check for allergic reactions prior to performing facial collagen injections on first-time patients. Treatment is relatively quick; it normally takes a matter of minutes for facial collagen injections, and there is no need for sedation or separate anesthetic, since lidocaine comes in the facial collagen injections, mixed in with the collagen. Even after this local anesthetic wears off, most patients undergoing facial collagen injections do not need any type of pain medication, although limited bruising and swelling may result.

Facial collagen injections are convenient and can produce amazing results, but individuals who are considering having facial collagen injections should consult a doctor who has some experience in this area. As with all surgeries, facial collagen injections carry some risks, and patients should be screened to be sure the procedure is appropriate.