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Facial Surgeries

For patients who wish to create a more symmetrical or sculpted appearance, facial implants offer a wide variety of ways in which to alter the structure of various facial features. Using facial implants, a physician can adjust the relationship between the major elements of the face: the chincheeksbrow, and jaw, creating a more pleasing look. Facial contouring, facial liposuction, and facial implants now give patients more control than ever over their appearances. In many cases, facial implants are used for reconstructive surgery, although many are used in procedures that are strictly cosmetic.

The surgery used to insert facial implants can take anywhere from thirty minutes to three hours or more. Patients may decide to have other procedures done during the same surgery as the facial implants, such as liposuction, a face lift, or etc. Plastic surgeons will create pockets in the tissue of the face to hold the facial implants in place. The incisions used are often very small and easily concealed in the hairline or along natural folds and creases in the skin. Facial implants can also be inserted using incisions inside the eyes and mouth, leaving no scar at all.

Recovery after receiving facial implants occurs in stages. A patient may be able to return to work and daily activities within days of receiving facial implants, but heavy exercise and any activity that could jar the face should be avoided. The swelling around the facial implants will go down gradually over the course of a few months, and the full effects will be visible. Although the change may seem drastic to the patient, facial implants often result in subtle differences, and many people will not be able to guess that your improved look is due to facial implants.