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Healing Time After Blepharoplasty

Healing time after blepharoplasty is a process that can vary by patient and the extent of the eyelid surgery performed. Patients will go through different stages of recovery at different rates during the healing time after blepharoplasty. Healing time after blepharoplasty depends on a patient's physical health, their response to surgery, and rate of recovery, the quality of a patient's after care, and whether or not any complications are experienced.

Healing time after blepharoplasty will depend on a patient's physical and emotional health at the time of surgery. Patients with a history of some medical problems such as scarring or circulation problems may experience a longer or more arduous healing time after blepharoplasty. Patients who smoke may also experience a longer healing time after blepharoplasty. It is important for patients to discuss their medical history, use of medications, supplements, and recreational substances, and other psychological and physical health concerns with their surgeon prior to having blepharoplasty surgery.

Most blepharoplasty procedures are performed on an outpatient basis which means that a patient will begin his/her healing time after blepharoplasty in the comforts of their own home. The initial healing time after blepharoplasty can last between two to five weeks. The first few days of the healing time after blepharoplasty are often marked with swelling, bruising, and discomfort. Swelling and bruising of the face can last anywhere from three days to two weeks of the healing time after blepharoplasty, depending on the nature of the surgery. If stitches were used, they will be removed a few days after the surgery. Pain medications may also be prescribed during the initial healing time after blepharoplasty.

In order to hasten the healing time after blepharoplasty, there are a few steps that patients can take. Sleeping with one's head elevated, using ice compresses, avoiding activities which dry the eyes or increase their blood flow, wearing sunglasses, and abstaining from alcohol consumption can all speed the healing time after blepharoplasty.

A patient will be able to resume normal activities during the second to sixth week of healing time after blepharoplasty. Contacts can be worn after a few weeks of healing time after blepharoplasty. Sunscreen and sunglasses should be worn for at least the first six months of healing time after blepharoplasty. Scars will take about six months to fade, though the final result of surgery is evident after two months of healing time after blepharoplasty.

A patient's healing time after blepharoplasty may also be compromised when complications arise. There are a number of possible complications which are associated with healing time after blepharoplasty.