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Cellulite Removal

Research has suggested that 95 percent of women will experience some level of cellulite at some time in their life. Cellulite is fat and fluids that have been trapped in connective tissue pockets beneath the skin. Over the years, finding a way to get rid of cellulite has become greatly focused on, resulting in a high number of product promises of cellulite removal. Since advertisers everywhere promise improved looks and cellulite reduction, it is hard to discern which products will actually deliver.

Cellulite exists in the subcutaneous layer of fat so cellulite removal creams unless they are able to penetrate very deeply will most likely have little visible effect, if any. This year, a new flood of cellulite removal treatments are available once again, all promising to be more effective, more transforming, and more dramatic than already existing options. The obsession to have smooth lines has become even more sought after as skin baring trends have become more popular.

Some experts believe a technique called endermologie is able to allow for improved appearances for some patients. Since there is really no magic solution when it comes to cellulite removal, endermologie has its limitations as well. About one third of patients will be able to benefit from endermologie effects by its deep massage like technique.

The cellulite removal tries to work by utilizing a device that sucks on the skin while two rollers aggressively massage the underlying tissue. While it's not really a cellulite removal procedure since you cannot remove cellulite even with liposuction, biopsies have indicated endermologie creates a fibrous tissue layer deep down in the fat that appears to support the fat better.

Another cellulite removal procedure that has been shown to be effective on some women is mesotherapy. Using hair thin needles to inject micro mixtures of vitamins, amino acids, supplements and pharmaceuticals into the middle layer of skin, the combination attempts to break down fat cells and increase blood flow. Other cellulite removal procedures can involve laser technologies, injections, frequency, massage, supplements, as well as other techniques.