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Blepharoplasty For Men

Blepharoplasty for men is becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic surgery option for men. Blepharoplasty for men is the third most sought procedure in the United States. In 2003 alone, more than fifty thousand patients underwent blepharoplasty for men. Blepharoplasty for men makes up about twenty percent of all the eyelid surgeries performed in the United States.

The average cost of blepharoplasty for men ranges between one and seven thousand dollars, not including some related costs of blepharoplasty for men. If blepharoplasty for men is sought for medical or reconstructive purposes, health insurance may cover these costs. If blepharoplasty for men is done for purely aesthetic reasons, the patient may be responsible for full payment.

Good candidates for blepharoplasty for men are those males who are in good physical and emotional health who wish to enhance the appearance of their upper and/or lower eyelids. With age, sun exposure, gravity, and genetics, the upper eyelids can become droopy and the lower lids may develop bags, or bulges of skin, under the eye. These imperfections can be remedied by a blepharoplasty for men procedure. The majority of patients seeking blepharoplasty for men are over the age of fifty, though patients at any age may seek blepharoplasty for men.

Blepharoplasty for men patients should have a realistic expectation about what this procedure can and cannot do for them. Patients should speak to a plastic surgery professional about what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. Blepharoplasty for men patients should also tell their doctor about their full medical history, use of medications, supplements, and recreational substances, in order to determine if blepharoplasty for men is right for them.

There are certain aesthetic goals of blepharoplasty for men that may differ from the goals of blepharoplasty for women. Patients of blepharoplasty for men will often seek a more subtle and natural looking change, compared to female patients. Scarring can be a major issue for patients of blepharoplasty for men, as they do not have the option of covering up scars with cosmetics. Patients of blepharoplasty for men often wish to avoid aesthetic choices that are considered traditionally feminine, such as a high upper lid crease and the upward flare of the outer brow. Patients of blepharoplasty for men also seem to be less concerned about eyelid wrinkling, as compared to female patients.

All of these goals of blepharoplasty for men are very realistic. A qualified surgeon can walk you through the entire blepharoplasty for men process, including the risks and benefits of the blepharoplasty for men procedure. Blepharoplasty for men can be a great way to enhance a patient's facial appearance and visually add years to a patient's face.

If you are interested in learning more about blepharoplasty for men, please contact us to speak with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon in your area.