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Body Hair Removal

The best way to achieve permanent body hair removal is from cosmetic laser body hair removal treatment. Laser body hair removal is a fast and highly effective alternative to other body hair removal techniques such as tweezing, shaving, bleaching, waxing, creams, and electrolysis. Because of the benefits of laser body hair removal, this procedure is rapidly becoming one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures sought by people in the United States.

Nearly one million people underwent laser body hair removal in 2003 alone. Approximately 25 percent of all body hair removal patients are males. According to national statistics, the average cost of laser body hair removal is just under $400 per treatment. The number of body hair removal treatments required varies based on the individual and the total area of treatment. The average number of body hair removal treatments required ranges between three and eight, each about one month apart.

The best candidates for laser body hair removal are emotionally and physically healthy patients with a realistic understanding of body hair removal results. Patients with light skin and dark coarse hair are the optimal candidates for this procedure. Laser body hair removal can permanently rid patients of unwanted hair on the legs, arms, back, underarm, shoulders, chest, neck, and bikini line.

Laser body hair removal is performed on an out patient basis and doesn't typically require a general anesthetic. This body hair removal technique is performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon in a hospital or medical facility. The cosmetic professional will usually begin by shaving the treatment area. If the hair in the area is dark, s/he will apply a bleaching cream to facilitate better body hair removal results. Once the treatment area has been shaved and cleaned, the surgeon will apply a local anesthetic to mitigate any discomfort during the procedure. The surgeon will then use a special instrument to deliver pulses of light into the pigment of the hair follicle. The heat emitted from the laser damages the follicles and arrests hair development.

The entire laser body hair removal procedure takes anywhere up to an hour or so to complete. Approximately thirty minutes after a body hair removal treatment the skin may become red, much as a mild sunburn would. This is normal and usually disappears in a few days. In very rare cases a patient may experience skin discoloration or burning.

Because hair growth occurs in three phases, it is necessary to have a series of laser body hair removal treatments in order to effectively treat all unwanted hairs during the growth stage. This anagen phase is the one during which the hair will respond best to body hair removal treatments. The sun should also be avoided after a laser body hair removal treatment.

Laser body hair removal is the most effective way to permanently get rid of unwanted body hair. If you would like to learn more about body hair removal, please contact us to speak with a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon in your area.