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Radiesse Costs

Individuals who want to achieve a more youthful appearance by minimizing wrinkles and filling in areas of the face affected by fat loss lips may want to consider a new dermal filler known as Radiesse. Approved in 2006 by the Food and Drug Administration, Radiesse, like other dermal fillers, is administered by way of injection and is considered a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure.

Radiesse costs vary according to the number of areas being treated and the surgeon performing the procedure, but prices typically range from $650 to $800 per syringe.

If you are considering Radiesse but feel the costs are out of your range at this time, a board certified plastic surgeon can help you understand your different financing options. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a surgeon in your area.

Radiesse Uses & Costs

As with similar cosmetic procedures, Radiesse injections help to enhance a person's overall appearance by minimizing the deep lines and creases that form around the mouth and eyes. However, Radiesse also helps augment sunken or fat-less areas of the face, which is sometimes seen in patients suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Radiesse costs are determined by the following factors:

  • Amount of Radiesse necessary to achieve desired results
  • Number of areas being treated
  • Surgeon and geographic location
The Procedure

Radiesse is made up of synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) solution, which is a compound similar to that occurring naturally in bones. Radiesse is injected into the dermal layers in a liquid form, so it remains pliable and takes on the form of surrounding tissues.

During the procedure, an injection of numbing medicine can be used before Radiesse injections are administered. Side effects are minimal, especially when considering the many benefits, but may include mild swelling, redness, bruising, and tenderness at the site of injection. Infection, though rare, is also a potential risk.

Benefits of Radiesse injections include:
  • Enhanced facial appearance
  • Long-lasting and immediate results
  • Little or no recovery time